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��President Forum of the Hanjiang River Basin University Alliance Are Held in HUAT


Wudang Xianshan welcomes guests,and the Hanshui shore narrates friendship.On the 15th,the 4th President's Forum and the 5th Hanjiang Forum,co-sponsored by the Hubei Academy of Social Sciences,the Henan Academy of Social Sciences,the Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences and the Hanjiang River Valley University Alliance,were held in the first floor lecture hall of the Yifu Library of our university.

Leaders,experts and scholars from the three provinces of Hubei,Henan and Shaanxi came together to plan the development of the Hanjiang River Basin University Alliance and the Hanjiang Eco-economic Belt.Liu Yunmei,Vice Mayor of Shiyan City,Huang Zhengxue,Director and Researcher of Department of Land Economy,the leaders of 11 universities in the alliance,Party Secretary Cheng Hongbing,president Zhong Yuning and vice secretary of the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Yang Lizhi,the leaders of relevant departments,experts,scholars and some representatives of teachers and students of our university,totally more than 200 people attended the forum.The opening ceremony of the forum was presided over by Mr.Yang Lizhi.

At the opening ceremony,Cheng Hongbing,Secretary of the Party Committee of Hubei Auto Industry Academy,delivered a speech.First of all,Cheng Hongbing,on behalf of all the teachers and students of HUAT,warmly welcomed all the leaders,guests and friends who have come to the meeting.Expressed sincere respect and heartfelt thanks to leaders at all levels and friends,who have long cared about and supported the development of our university.

Cheng Hongbing pointed out that HUAT is the only provincial undergraduate college named after automobile in China.It always adheres to the school motto of "seeking truth and innovation",and unswervingly walks away from the road of running schools freely,cooperatively educating people and collaboratively innovating.There are nearly 1000 on-the-job faculty and staff,including candidates of millions of talented persons program from all over the country,overseas experts from Hundred People Program in Hubei Province,professors of Chutian Scholars,and Chutian students.The school centered closely around the "automobile industry chain" to condense the direction of discipline,gathered the teaching staff,and gradually formed the discipline characteristics and advantages.Around the construction of automobile industry,there are one provincial superior characteristic discipline group,two provincial key characteristic disciplines and two provincial key disciplines (cultivation).There are three first-level disciplines authorized by master's degree and four professional master's degree authorization points.At present,the school has 34 undergraduate majors and 2 Sino-foreign cooperatively-run majors.

The school adheres to the integration of production and education,teaches people in coordination,and constantly improves the quality of personnel training.In 2017,he won two first-class awards,three second-class awards and two third-class awards for the achievements of educational reform in Hubei Province,and the professional certification of vehicle engineering received on-site inspection by experts and was recognized and affirmed by experts.The school attaches great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship education.Dongfeng HUAT Formula Racing for College Students won the national championship in the oil car race twice and the national championship in the tram race once.In the "Evaluation Results of Innovative Talents Training and Discipline Competition in Chinese Universities",our university ranks fourth among the universities in Hubei Province.Among the five-year salary rankings of undergraduate graduates in China,our university ranks 151 in the whole country,and Hubei province ranks first in undergraduate colleges and universities.

The school deepens the docking of government,industry,University and research,actively promotes the comprehensive cooperation between school and enterprise,and promotes the ability of scientific and technological services and social services.The school implements the "Service for Local Economic Development Plan",docking in the automotive industry,eco-cultural tourism,Wudang culture,energy conservation and environmental protection,new material industry and other aspects,providing policy advisory and demonstration,planning,scientific and technological support,product research and development,technical training and other services.Over the past three years,he has hosted and undertaken nearly 200 projects above the provincial level,undertaken more than 300 projects entrusted by enterprises,and established strategic alliances with more than 20 enterprises.

The school has provided more than 70,000 excellent talents for the automobile industry and local economic and social development.They have become the backbone and pillar of the relevant industries in the country,especially in the automobile industry.Therefore,the school is known as the cradle of automobile engineers.

In his speech,Mr.Fan Xinhui summarized the achievements and tremendous changes that have taken place in the past few years since the establishment of the Hanjiang River Basin University Alliance.He hoped that the Hanjiang River Basin University Alliance would take the development of the Hanjiang River Basin Eco-economic Belt as an opportunity to further implement the spirit of the National Education Conference,adhere to the principle of "taking this as the foundation" and promote the "four returns",accelerate the construction of high-level undergraduate education in the Hanjiang River Basin,and better fulfill the new tasks and missions of local universities.It is believed that this forum will bring us many enlightenments and reflections,and will also lay a solid foundation for us to continue deepening cooperation and exchanges and jointly create a new situation for the development of the Hanjiang River Basin.

In his speech,Mr.Qin Zunwen briefly introduced the development and shaping process of the Hanjiang Eco-economic Belt in the Hanjiang River Basin.He said that the Hanjiang River Basin Eco-economic Zone is a new economic zone jointly built by Hubei,Shaanxi and Henan provinces,which was included in the 13th Five-Year Plan of the State in March this year.Experience at home and abroad shows that only the economic belt based on culture can have long-term vitality.In the construction of Hanjiang Eco-economic Belt,we should fully tap cultural resources,focus on the development of eco-cultural tourism,and enhance and highlight the soft power of culture.The University Alliance of the Hanjiang River Basin plays an important role in this regard.He hopes that the University Alliance of the Hanjiang River Basin will continue to shoulder the historic task of training talents and providing intellectual support for local economic development.

Liu Yunmei,Vice Mayor of Shiyan City,pointed out at the opening ceremony that the 5th Hanjiang Forum Symposium was held in our city as scheduled.It will exchange academic discussions and share experiences and research results around the theme of social development and construction of the Hanjiang Eco-economic Zone,which will lay a foundation for the future cooperation of intelligence and projects between our city and universities.She hopes that the universities of the Hanjiang River Basin University Alliance will integrate into the local economic and social development,intensify the integration of production and education,actively participate in the construction of the eco-economic belt,promote innovation-driven development around the promotion of quality change,efficiency change and power change,provide advice for the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure,train more high-quality talents for the local economic and social development,and provide beauty,smoothness and innovation.To contribute to the construction of a happy,open and dynamic eco-economic belt.

After the opening ceremony,the leading guests took a group photo in our school's automobile culture square,and visited our school history hall and Dongfeng HUAT racing car team.

It is reported that the conference is divided into three parts,consisting of the 4th Hanjiang University Alliance Presidents Forum and the 5th Hanjiang Forum,and the 2nd Joint Conference of Propaganda Ministers of Hanjiang University Alliance.Mr.Cheng Hongbing,Secretary of the Party Committee of our school,and MR.Yang Lizhi,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee,chaired two forums respectively.Ji Yibo,director of propaganda of the Party Committee,chaired the joint meeting of propaganda ministers.

After the opening ceremony,at the 5th Hanjiang Forum Symposium,tenured professors,secondary professors,A-type specially appointed professors,doctoral tutors,deans of urban development research institutes,President Zeng Gang,Yangtze River Basin Development Research Institute,Dong Wei,Vice-Director of Dongfeng Automobile Group Co.,Ltd.,Mr.Huang Zhengxue,director of National Development and Reform Commission Land Development and Regional Economic Research Institute,Mr.Qin Zunwen vice dean of Hubei Academy of Social Sciences,director of the Center for Urban Agglomeration Research in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River and specialist of the Ministry of Science and Technology,have respectively made theme report entitled "Looking at the future development strategy of the Hanjiang River from the Perspective of the coordinated development ability of cities in the Yangtze River Economic Belt","Research Consideration on the development mode of the eco-economic zone,concerned with the development of the Hanjiang Eco-economic Zone and the construction of the Six Hanjiang Rivers.

In the afternoon,the fifth Hanjiang Forum was chaired by Professor Hu Yiyuan,Dean of School of Economics and Law,Shaanxi University of Technology,and Professor Zhang Xu,Dean of School of Resources,Environment and Tourism,Hubei University of Arts and Sciences.At the meeting,Professor Xiao Juntao,School of Economics and Management,HUAT,Assistant Dean of Environment and Tourism College,Hubei College of Arts and Sciences,Dean,Doctor and Associate Professor Zhu Yunhai of Tourism Development Research Institute,Vice Dean and Professor Jia Chang'an of School of Economics and Management,Shangluo College,Yangtze River Basin Economic Research Institute,Hubei Academy of Social Sciences,Associate Researcher Liu Tao,and Hanjiang Liang Xiaoqing,Director and Professor of Development Research Center,Li Benqing,Associate Professor,Ph.D.,School of Economics and Management,Ankang University,He Daoming,Director of the Office of Hanshui Cultural Research Base,Hanjiang Normal University,and Liang Zhongxiao,Dean and Professor of Southern Shaanxi Development Research Institute,Shaanxi University of Technology,have made theme reports respectively entitled ��exploration on local universities serving precise poverty alleviation,Rural Revitalization Research on the reproduction of rural tourism culture based on production theory,the construction of evaluation index for the construction of ecological civilization in the Hanjiang River Basin,the experience and Enlightenment of the construction of Urban-water relationship in Chicago,the research on the two developments in the history of the Hanjiang River and the high-quality development in the future,the research on the path to realize industrial prosperity under the background of the strategy of rural revitalization,and the Hanshui ecological culture from the perspective of history and reality Theme Report on "Strategic Thoughts on the Construction of Qinba Mountain National Eco-Special Zone".


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